FACE. Toner Mist ✨ Step 3 ✨

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FACE. Toner Mist ✨ Step 3 ✨
FACE. Toner Mist ✨ Step 3 ✨

Don't let large, clogged pores weigh you down!

Clear up pores and blemishes when you tone your skin. Your Clarifying all natural facial toner contains hydrosols from Witch Hazel, Clary Sage, Peppermint and Green Tea that help regulate your skin’s natural oil production and minimize blemishes. Apple Cider Vinegar will help restore & balance your skin’s natural pH levels. Organic Witch Hazel helps remove excess oil from the skin and tone those pores.

Just one spritz of this herbal infused will help tighten pores, clarify skin & freshen up  your skincare routine! {Best when applied right after cleansing to help close your pores and renew your skin.}

 **Color variations are completely natural with the hydrosols used.  Toner may appear anywhere from yellow to dark green.

Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Clary Sage & Peppermint Oils, Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Water, Vitamin E

9+ Months

This is Step 3 in our daily skin care routine.

Spray a small amount on cotton ball and gently wipe into face, neck or any other areas prone to blemishes. OR spritz all over for a refreshing, cooling moment & let air dry.

Following up with our FACE. Moisturizer for a light amount of hydration. Apply this toner after our Blemish Blitz to really give those blemishes a one-two punch! 

Witch Hazel: Relieves Inflammation. Fights Acne.

Peppermint Oil: Tighten & Brightens Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar: improves skin texture, & also helps to absorb excess oils.

Little Bubble Daily Cleansing Routine:

Step #1 - Cleansing

Step #2 - Scrub/Mask or combo

Step #3 - Toning

Step #4 - Hydrating