New website, who dis?

Tawnya Corrente

Ooh hey!!!

So I see you found the new website! Sweetness! 

We are so happy you've made it into our little corner of the world! 😊

Let me give you a little bit of a tour, or at least some helpful hints to get the most Little Bubble bang for your buck while you're here! 

First thing first... we are still adding a few sections like Brand rep info & FAQS... so don't be all... "Oh my gah Becky... their website is like, so not even finished." its almost done.

We suggest signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of the home page so you can start getting all the hot goss & holiday deals! Like the super awesome Black Friday deal all of our newsletter subscribers will be getting this week! 

Also, we have a new rewards program! Its pretty awesome! You will be able to earn points for all kinds of goodies throughout the year! And join our Bubble Birthday Club! {announcement on that coming tomorrow!}



Thanks again for stopping by... we hope you like it here! We sure do!


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