Harry Potter Fandom Perfume Rollers

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Harry Potter Fandom Perfume Rollers

Show your house pride by wearing a fragrance formulated & inspired by each Hogwarts house!

Each roller bottle is 10ml & made using organic grape seed oil... Feather-light, smooth, non-greasy, emollient, and moisturizing. A versatile oil with a long shelf life that is easily absorbed without clogging pores. As well as a blend of essential & fragrance oil... natural & phthalate free. 

Gryffindor: Inspired by the Gryffindor common room this fragrance is warm, spicy & a bit citrusy! Cinnamon & Chai, with middle notes of Musk & Amber, followed up with a mild Patchouli & Blood Orange

Slytherin: this fragrance has top notes of Sandalwood & Dragons Blood... followed by Patchouli... the perfect dark mix for all you parseltongues.

Ravenclaw:  a perfect mix of Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Jasmine... earthy & floral

Hufflepuff: warm cupcakes, sweet strawberry jam & peach tarts... thats what this adorable fragrance is made up of! 

*Each house fragrance is sold individually!