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Paw Balm is an all-natural balm that deeply heals, moisturizes, and nourishes your pup's skin, making paws smooth and healthy. This organic healing balm is a vegan, topical balm composed of natural herbs, supple butter, and unique plant oils working to alleviate yucky paw conditions.

Gently clean debris from around paw pads & rub on using fingers or a cloth.
Apply one to three times daily.
Consistent and frequent application to open wounds is crucial to protect against infections & harmful bacteria. Decrease application as the area improves.

Pro-pup Tips:

Applying before bedtime is an ideal time when your dog is at rest and the body goes into regeneration mode
Use baby socks after applying to prevent licking and to create an ultra healing environment

Whats inside: Shea Butter . Mango Butter . Calendula Wax . Infused Evening Primrose Oil

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